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2023 … well it has been quite a year! And our best-laid plans of a short break and a September return to the podcast were derailed by…..life!

So we’re taking a break until 2024 to recover, rejuvenate and regroup.

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Have a safe, healthy and happy end of the year!!

Mel & Tricia
Mel and Tricia on a television

We’re here to help mid-life women feel seen, inspired and connected in a community that celebrates all we an achieve, enjoy and experience in our 50s and beyond.

Who says that midlife women have to pull on the handbrake or be invisible? We’re answering back to ageism and stepping up to enjoy our lives, making the most of the wisdom we’ve gained while acknowledging that we still have so much to learn and enjoy.

Join us for weekly conversations among friends as we delve into the fun stuff, the hard stuff and everything in between with extraordinary guests handpicked to share with our community of 50-ishers.

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Our Most Popular Episodes

Meet Mel and Trish

We’re not journalists, and we’re not experts. We’re a couple of friends creating a space for midlife women to celebrate and acknowledge that we’ve still got so much to give.

We don’t support the misguided assumption that midlife women become invisible or uninteresting. The women we know are energised, vibrant, living really fulfilled lives. We’re upskilling, extending and challenging ourselves. And we want to find more women just like us.

We champion midlife women – not just those with high profiles, but regular women…our fifty-ishers. Women who are extraordinary in their own way, with a story to share with our community.

Photo of strip of Mel and Trish

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Our Latest Episodes

Gen X Decoding Gen Y & Z

Gen X Decoding Gen Y & Z

Following on from an early episode in the ‘Don’t Give a Fifty’ back catalogue, episode #98 saw Mel & Trish in the studio with Trish’s nieces Matilda, Baillie and Mollie and her children, Lily...

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Love the Laughs

Hey Beautiful ladies, I feel like I should have written this sometime back, but just wanted to say how much I am loving these podcasts. They bring a huge smile to my face every Monday on my walk with the dog and I am learning something new each time. I may have even peed myself a little, but glad to know I am not alone! Just so refreshing and honestly something I know I needed especially through lock down. Thank you both x

~ SydneyShell

A good giggle and a great vibe

Go girls! Love your enthusiasm and fun highlighting how good it is to be in our 50s and kicking our ‘a into g’ looking forward to hearing more about your own life lessons

~ Lindalovinlife

Middle age? It's time to thrive!

I love this new podcast. These girls are my vibe!! I am always going on about how middle aged women shouldn’t give up on their dreams and their goals. This is a time for thriving – not just surviving. I’m so excited that this podcast has started. It’s exactly what’s needed. Congratulations girls 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

~ DiMary231

The absolute best - hilarious and warm!

I knew this would be amazing and it didn’t disappoint! A relatable and hilarious listen. So many laugh out loud moments and honest discussions. Exactly what I’ve been looking for in a podcast!!!

Can’t wait for more!

~ LieselBojahra

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