‘Consistent, Imperfect Action:’ a better approach to diet and exercise with health coach Kitty Bloomfield.

Jul 17, 2023

 In episode #92, Mel and Trish headed to the Gold Coast to chat with ultra-dynamic, Kitty Bloomfield – kick ass health coach, businesswoman, podcaster and entrepreneur. Kitty is the co-founder of Nustrength, an online nutrition and training platform that helps women transform their bodies through improved metabolic functioning and strength training.

Until 2015, Kitty spent most of her adult life stuck in a cycle of dieting and overtraining. She was obsessed with food and was happiest when she was thin but had to starve and overtrain herself to get there. That changed when she met her now business partner Craig, nutritionist Emma Sgourakis, and discovered the work of Ray Peat.

Having achieved a complete diet and exercise overhaul herself, it’s now her mission to free other women from restrictive diets, help them restore their metabolisms, balance their hormones, and build bodies they love. And if that’s not enough, she and Emma recently launched Saturee, a clean skincare and food supplements range and in her spare time, she hosts a red-hot podcast, ‘Weightloss for Women: Eat More, Train Less Get Results.’

Kitty is shouting her mission to the world and we are listening.

This is a no-holds-barred conversation so hold onto your hats 50ishers.


Important Links:

Nustrength Website

Kitty’s Instagram

Podcast Link

Kitty Bloomfield YouTube

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