‘It’s Not What We Lose, It’s What We Gain,’ staying curious, positive, and excited about life as we age with psychologist Peter Quarry.

May 3, 2023

Mel and Trish were thrilled to have Melbourne-based psychologist Peter Quarry back as a guest to talk about some key factors relating to ageing particularly curiosity and remaining positive and excited about life which involves finding purpose, goal setting and dealing with associated anxiety.

Peter is a multi award-winning psychologist whose videos and training programs are used by Fortune 500 companies, universities and other companies in over twenty countries around the world. He was the resident psychologist on Good Morning Australia for seven years and is a sought-after seminar leader and speaker. Peter recently penned the self-help memoir If I Were You, a psychologist puts himself on the couch, and was a featured contributor in a recent addition of the Financial Review writing an article about celebrity memoirs and what they should really contain.

This is a dynamic chat and Peter again, delivers some incredibly practical advice. He even sets the girls an exercise to do.

Enjoy the intelligence, wisdom, and insight of Peter Quarry.

Important Links:

Peter’s Website

Link to Peter’s article in The Financial Review


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