Keep, Chuck, Donate – The Art of Downsizing with Leah Steinberg

Aug 1, 2022

In episode #45 Trish and Mel invite 40isher Leah Steinberg into the studio to chat about the often difficult, but very relevant process of decluttering, downsizing and moving.

Midlife is a time when many of us are making changes which involve downsizing, packing up and moving. If not for ourselves, we’re helping our parents as they prepare to move to new homes that provide either more care or more security. But it’s not easy. How do we let go of some belongings? What stays and what goes? And what do we do if there are hoarders in our midst?

Leah is the co-founder of Care to Move, a business that helps clients declutter and downsize. She’s merged her nursing background with a degree in business communications to approach her role with empathy and pragmatism. It’s part project management, part Marie Kondo, part conflict resolution but always with lots of care and compassion.

She shares tips on how to handle the process and teaches the girls the difference between hoarding and collecting.

Enjoy the gorgeous and very caring, Leah Steinberg

To find out more about Leah:

Care to Move Website

Care to Move on Instagram

Care to Move on Facebook

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