‘The Girl Who Chose to Be Tasered:’ An interesting chat with anxiety coach Kim Adams.

Jul 21, 2023

In episode #91, Mel and Trish chat to anxiety coach Kim Adams about high functioning anxiety, extroverts, and introverts and why she believes finding your passion and purpose is over-rated.

Kim spent 20 years working in law enforcement organisations and absolutely loved her job managing research and evaluation programs. She felt valued and a sense of belonging. When her job disappeared due to an organisational restructure, this outwardly confident, inwardly anxious girl found her world came crashing down.

It led to a critical re-examining of who she was, what she was doing and where she was headed. Armed with a degree in psychology and a masters in management, Kim set herself on a path of spirituality and healing and is now focused on helping midlife women with high-functioning anxiety cultivate radical self-acceptance, release self-limiting beliefs and anxiety using a blend of psychology and grounded spirituality.

It’s not all serious though – Kim has a few fun facts up her sleeve including that one time, she volunteered to be tasered & a few adventures in Cuba.

Enjoy the clarity and fascinating perspective of Kim Adams.

Important links:

Kim’s Website

Kim’s Facebook

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