‘The Life You Can Save,’ with philanthropist Louise Pfeiffer

Jun 28, 2023

In episode #89, Mel and Trish were excited to chat to the very awesome Louise Pfeiffer, a smart-smart girl with a lifelong calling to do good in the world. After completing two university degrees and spending years working in the highly competitive financial services sector, Louise found herself at a career crossroads and decided to follow her calling. Louise is now director of philanthropy at ‘The Life You Can Save,’ an organisation that curates a group of nonprofits that either save or improve the most lives per dollar. This takes a lot of stress out of the donation process. The organisation carries out due diligence, and provides an impact calculator which quantifies the impact of donations, there is also a questionnaire to help donors decide exactly where to donate.

Louise is a calm force of nature trying to achieve social change by reducing suffering and if that’s not enough, in 2017 she decided to step into the political ring and joined the Animal Justice Party of which she is now Vice President.

It seems there is no stopping Louise. In her quiet way, she is a woman on a mission.


Important Links:

The Life You Can Save Website

Animal Justice Party Website

Louise’s Twitter

80 000 Hours Website

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