‘Turn the Light On,’ stepping back into your personal spotlight with makeup artist Amanda Ramsay.

Aug 7, 2023

In episode #95 Mel and Trish were back on the Gold Coast to chat to multi-award-winning makeup artist Amanda Ramsay about how a simple, yet effective makeup routine can help turn the light back on in our lives at a time when we can feel most invisible.

Having worked as a professional makeup artist for many years, 40-year-old Amanda found herself with a newborn baby and feeling invisible and overlooked. This combined with the constant product advice needed by her friendship group, prompted her to set up her own business. She now specialises in makeup and skincare for women over 40 and runs online masterclasses which covers everything you need to know about makeup and skin care for mature skin. Just as we change our fashion through the different chapters of our lives, Amanda believes we need to do the same with makeup and skin care in terms of products and colours.

Amanda is a nurturer at heart, debunks a lot of beauty myths (shimmery shadow days are NOT over!), believes in an efficient 5–10-minute daily routine, and loves watching the light switch back on for women.

As she says, “It’s easy, just simplify the steps to amplify the look,” and we love that for us.

Enjoy the beautiful Amanda Ramsay.

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